Benefits of Hardwood Flooring vs Carpet or Vinyl

Isn’t it classy when you open the main door of the house and walk in and there’s this unique and welcoming sound of your footsteps on the wooden floor? That sound, compared to the silent footsteps on a carpeted floor or a very faint sound of footsteps on a vinyl floor just makes a home. It is not just about the sound itself; there is a sense of feeling cozy when you have hardwood flooring in your house. There are numerous other benefits too. But let’s take a look at these three types of flooring in a nutshell.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is a traditional flooring option that is both classy and durable. Although you need to maintain it from time to time, the look of these floors when they are finished and polished is extremely classy. They have this timeless beauty effect that leaves a homeowner feeling special, owing to the fact you have the best flooring option ever. One that will convert a normal house into your dream home. There is a warm and delightful feeling of wood floors underfoot while the slightly higher upfront cost will fade away as a distant memory.

Vinyl flooring

Those who are looking for a cheaper flooring alternative, vinyl flooring may be for them. Unlike hardwood flooring, it will go easier on your wallet. But if you are looking for something classic and timeless like hardwood flooring, then this type of floor may not be your cup of tea. Vinyl is extremely durable and has greater moisture resistance ability but is not as classy or traditional as hardwood floors.


Carpeting is more suitable for apartments and offices rather than in your home. You may want to have a small area rug in front of your bed or the coffee table but to have the floor of the entire house wrapped in carpet may not be a good idea after all. Plus, it isn't that much cheaper if you buy a high-quality carpet and pad and regular cleaning will be an additional cost too. You will also have to think of the cost to remove and replace carpet, which is not a permanent flooring. This results in higher cost over time out of your budget.

Choosing between hardwood, vinyl or carpet flooring

As a homeowner, you will have to walk the tightrope when deciding which flooring option will be best for your home. Here is a comparative difference that will help you understand which flooring type you should go for:

Prestige and visual appeal

There is no doubt that hardwood flooring will top the list if this factor is considered. Vinyl and carpet floors may look OK but when it comes to catching the eye, it is hardwood floors that will do the trick. Whether you get a highly polished floor or a matte-finished one, hardwood floors will look luxurious compared to the other two. Moreover, the prestige and sense of luxury that it brings are unmatched.


One of the deciding factors of floors is their upkeep. Honestly, hardwood floors have to be maintained from time to time but they are easier to clean too. Carpeted floors are more expensive to clean because once the dust sets it or the stain becomes stubborn, you will have a hard time cleaning them on your own. In fact, you will likely need professional help to get the carpeted floors cleaned. Vinyl floors, on the other hand, are easiest to clean and require comparatively low maintenance.


Another important factor that you should keep in mind while choosing floors is their longevity. You wouldn’t want to invest in a new floor every few years. So, if durability is on your mind, you should undoubtedly choose hardwood flooring or vinyl over carpeting. Yes, the quality of the wood is a deciding factor but if you are ready to invest a lump sum amount now and want to make the most of it in the future, you should opt for hardwood flooring.

Value for your money

This totally depends on whether you are thinking long-term or short. Hardwood floors have a much better value for money in certain aspects. Suppose you want to sell your house after 10 or 15 years; if your house has hardwood floors, it will fetch more money in a buyer's offer. However, if you are looking to stay in the house for a just couple of years and don’t want to spend a significantly large amount, you can always opt for vinyl floors. Carpeting ranks last in all aspects but there are some people who genuinely like carpet floors and are OK with them if they are clean and fresh.

Overall, investing in a quality hardwood floor will be much more beneficial both now and in the future if you consider all the above factors. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like hardwood floors. Go for it and you will never regret your decision. Contact Flawless Flooring in New Berlin, WI for your free flooring estimate today.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning that hardwood floors have more visual appeal as well as a better sense of luxury. My mom told me that now that my dad passed away she has been thinking about remodeling the entire house and she would like to find some options for the floors in the living room. Right now it is carpet, and it is a big space, so I think it would be good if she talked to an expert about her options.

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