Expectations for new or refinished wood floors

Final polish of a new wood floor installation

What to expect from new and refinished hardwood floors

A good understanding of the process will help insure your appreciation of your new or refinished wood floor. No matter how hard we try or how many years of expertise we have, there are some things out of our control due to the nature of wood floors. Here are some common expectations regarding wood flooring followed by a brief explanation of the realities of choosing a solid wood floor.

Will I have a perfectly monochromatic floor?

Wood, as a natural product, varies from piece to piece. That’s why it is so interesting and full of character; remember, it is not fabricated, it is milled from a tree and will have grain and color variations consistent with the grade and species you have chosen. Your fine wood furniture and cabinetry are fabricated in a factory under almost ideal conditions and they contain only 1-10 different pieces of wood. Your wood floor is fabricated in your home and can be made up of a few hundred to many thousands of different individual pieces of wood.

Will my home be completely dust-free after refinishing?

Our equipment has a dust collection system, along with separate vacuums that collect the dust from each machine. Included with the vacuums we hang plastic to trap the small amount of dust that is made within the rooms we are working in. Once the job is complete we wipe down all the wood work, along with windows and sills, to make clean up as minimal as possible for the home owner.

Will my floors have a perfectly smooth finish?

Each piece of flooring sands differently depending on how it was sawn making it virtually impossible for a completely “table top” surface.  But rest assured, your floor will be sanded and made as smooth and even as it can be. Since your floor is being finished in your home, it is not possible to achieve a sterile environment. Some dust particles will probably fall into the freshly applied top-finish. These however, will polish themselves off with normal wear on the floor.

Will the buff and re-coat process remove deep scratches?

A buff and re-coat will give you added protection, revitalize the sheen on your floor and fill small surface scratches. It will not remove gouges, dents, deep scratches or heel dents.

Will my painted woodwork be damaged by refinishing?

If woodwork is painted, some touch-up is to be expected. This touch up is to be done by others.

Will my floor have cracks between the boards?

Although your new floor may start tight together, as natural product it will continue to absorb and release moisture. This natural process will cause the flooring to expand and contract from season to season resulting in small cracks between some of the pieces in your floor. We take all measures possible to avoid storing, delivering, installing or maintaining floors in the presence of moisture or dampness. Our flooring is stored in a heated and humidity controlled warehouse to further assure the best possible product environment.

We hope that we have helped you understand what the wood floor process is and the wonderful options you have. We have great expectations for your floor and we treat every floor as they should be treated, as if it was our own floor. If you are ready to move forward with an installation or refinishing, please contact Flawless Flooring LLC.



5 thoughts on “Expectations for new or refinished wood floors”

  1. Thank you for explaining that the best hardwood floor refinishers store their expensive hardwood tiles in temperature-controlled warehouses to protect them from moisture, heat, and humidity. This is just the kind of care and concern that my grandpa looks for from ideal hardwood refinishers. Since he’s planning on getting his three-story home’s flooring totally refinished, replaced even, he’d want only the best quality of Brazilian ironwood perfectly tile and installed so that it wouldn’t crack at whatever stress or humidity level it is subjected to in its lifetime.

  2. I like that you state that wood floors are full of character. My brother and his wife recently moved into a new house and they want to fix up the interior. I will send them this information so they can start looking for a company that does wood refinishing.

  3. I’ve been in my house for a while, so I think it’s time to refinish our kitchen floors. I didn’t know sanding and buffing was part of the refinishing process that adds protection and shine to your hardwood floors. That’s something my husband and I could really use since our kids are older and grown, so I’ll look into a hardwood floor refinishing service that could help us out!

  4. Its good to know that your new wooden floor will be finished and sanded when completed. My wife and I are redoing our kitchen floors and we were wondering if we needed to sand our floors after the contractors are done. I’ll be sure to let my wife know that the contractors will sand and finish the new wooden floorboards.

  5. That’s cool that a wood flooring could be made of hundreds of pieces of wood. I would think they would make it so each one has a unique look. I’ll have to consider getting mine refinished instead of replaced so that I could see all the unique qualities to it.

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