Tips for maintaining your wood floors

Congratulations on having hardwood floors a part of your home’s decorative environment. They are one of the best investments you have ever made and, with proper care, they will stay beautiful and last a lifetime.

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining the natural shine and beauty of your wood floors:

Mats and felt Pads

Use dirt-trapping, walk-off mats at all exterior doors to help prevent dirt, grit and sand from getting inside on your floors. Throw rugs or small rugs just inside the entrances are also helpful. Dirt and grit are your floors’ worst enemy.

We recommend putting small felt pads on the legs of all your furniture. They allow furniture to be moved easily without scuffing the floor.  Check/replace the pads occasionally as needed. We recommend sliding chairs over roller caster chairs.


Vacuum regularly, just as often as you vacuum carpets. A brush or felt attachment works beautifully. Sweep or use a dust mop daily or as needed, but DO NOT use a household dust treatment on your mop as this may cause your floor to become slick or dull the finish.  It will also leave a film that can impair bonding of future re-coats.

Damp wipe or mop your floors regularly. DO NOT wax your finish or use Murphy’s Oil Soap on the floors. Wax and oil type cleaners will build up on the floor. Wipe up food and other spills immediately, using a damp (not wet) cloth.


Keep high heel shoes in good repair. Heels that have worn down or lost protective caps, exposing the steel support rod in the heel, will dent any floor surface.

By using these tips, you will maximize the life of your existing hardwood floors. However, the finish of your floors may dull and possibly become scratched and scuffed over time. When your floors need professional attention, please consider a buff and re-coat or refinishing from Flawless Flooring LLC.

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